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» [Pv Ai] Bad Habits

Dresseur Kantô

Inscrit le : 22/06/2016
Messages : 59

Région : Kantô
Ven 5 Jan - 19:39
The road to Pewter City was quite uneventful. As uneventful as can be, at least, for someone who had just made enemies with Viridian City’s biggest gang, got beat up black and blue in the process, then somehow managed to save a Pokémon not even endemic to this region. Viridian Forest seemed relatively tame compared to how most people claimed it to be very unforgiving and scary. He simply followed the road, most trainers avoiding him because of his looks –can’t blame them, he did look very menacing with that black eye and leather jacket. Not to mention his resting pissed-off face-. Aside from a few insects crawling along the way which were dealt with quickly with the help of his new friend, Curling, nothing really stood out. The alolan sandshrew was characterized by his shyness, fingers twiddling as he looked nervously around him. That escapade must have helped him build a little confidence as he stopped being startled whenever Edwin spoke to him.

And then, he reached Pewter City. Obviously it was nothing like Saffron City, but as opposed to the hillbillies of Viridian City, the sight of civilized people was very much welcome. Except they did their best to ignore him in return. “He was bad news”. That one he heard a lot. The fact that he arrived after sunset didn’t help either. And so he was roaming the streets, finding solace in company of bums and punks alike, sharing a few songs, maybe a swig of alcohol straight out of a bottle hidden in a brown paper bag. A few hits of weed. One of the bums in particular seemed friendly enough to key him on the cool spots. He tipped him with a twenty bill and headed to the first address. He stopped in his tracks, looking at the decrepit building with disdain. Not that he had any expectations to begin with, but it looked every bit like a crack house. While it was usually his kind of crowd, he didn’t feel like being held a knifepoint by a skank in need of her fix.

The second address, however, gave him a better feeling. A stair going down in an alleyway gave way to some kind of run down club. He followed a group of people in, but was stopped by some kind of bouncer. Slim guy, red Mohawk and a studded jacket. Piercings in places that defy reason, including but not limited to his nose, cheeks, eyebrow and ears, the most notable of which were the stretch in his cheeks that showed his yellowish teeth. Oh and he had a split tongue. Needless to say, he was not going to try anything funny against this dude. However, he would not back down without bargaining his way in a little.

Who the fuck are you. You’re not on the whitelist.

Hey I just arrived here today, was looking for a place to drink and there was that bum about two blocks away that recommended this place.

“That fuckin’… Aight, 50 bucks and you’re in. But watch your ass. Don’t try to act tough

He was staring at his black eye while saying the last bit. Fifty dollars was more than he would usually pay, but curiosity got the better of him, as is often the case. He handed over sixty dollars in total, just to make sure he’s on his good side. The doorman stepped away and he could finally enter the place. It was trashy, but in a good way. People freely enjoying their vices in public. Trash bar, trash band playing trash music. Almost felt like home. Went to the bar and ordered a beer. Sat down next to a relatively small girl with long blue hair. Small tits too, but that didn’t bother him.

So, how do people have fun here?

Avatar secret ;)):
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